The PE Chat Zone online forum has closed - visit us on EEWeb instead

The PE Chat Zone forum switched to 'read-only' in December 2017. It's still available for reference purposes.





The PE Chat Zone forum used legacy software that has not been supported for many years. In 2017 we reluctantly closed the PE Chat Zone due to the very low levels of traffic compared with years gone by, and the need to maintain security and privacy of users' details.


The USA-based electronics engineering website EEWeb has kindly agreed to devote a whole category of their forum specially to PE Magazine readers. The EEWeb site is part of the AspenCore network and is one of the largest electronics engineering sites of its kind. Apart from having our own dedicated area on EEWeb, this also offers users plenty of surrounding electronics content, online tools and a large breadth of material that many users will enjoy engaging with.


PLEASE NOTE: EEWeb is dedicated to all forms of electronics and has a wide user base; please help with its smooth operation by keeping posts on-topic and friendly, avoiding off-topic chatter or banter. EEWeb will delete posts that don't comply. Queries about subscriptions etc should be emailed to us directly.


We are maintaining the old Chat Zone forum for reference purposes for the foreseeable future, but if web server upgrades and patches etc. make the forum software no longer compatible then sadly the contents of the PE Chat Zone forum will be lost for good.


Please check the handy links on the right for more details.


-- Alan Winstanley, PE Online Editor


September 2018


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Chat Zone is now in Read-Only mode


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