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This page summarises a whole year's constructional projects, linking to individual month's pages showing updates or corrections, and photos of the projects and links to the source code and PCBs, where available.


  • You can also visit the Library to access individual month's project pages.
  • Details of Legacy projects from 1998 to 2006 are now online.


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January 2016

Isolating High Voltage Scope Probe; High-Energy Multi-Spark CDI (Part 2); Currawong Valve Amplifier (Part 3); PIC n MIX Xmas Tree; Audio Out (filters). More details...


April 2016

Appliance InsulationTester; Low-frequency Distortion Analyser; Really Bright 12/24V LED Oyster Light; Teach-In 2016 (3) Keypads, strings. More details...


July 2016

Driveway Monitor (Part 1); Install USB points in your car; Intelligent Ni-Cd/ Ni-MH Charger; PIC n MIX Beginner's Guide (2); Teach-In 2016 (6) Using wireless modules. More details...


February 2016

Teach-In 2016: the Arduino (Part 1); 6-Digit Retro Nixie Clock; Spark Energy Meter (1); CGA-to-VGA Video Converter; Audio Out (volume controls). More details...


May 2016

2-Channel Balanced Input Attenuator for Audio Analysers & 'scopes; Appliance Earth Leakage Tester; 4-Output Universal Voltage Regulator; PIC n MIX: accelerometers (2). More details...


August 2016

Low-cost reference for voltage, current & resistance; Driveway Monitor (Part 2); USB Power Monitor; PIC n MIX - PICKit 3; Net Work 20th Anniversary - History of the Internet (Pt 1). More details..


March 2016

Teach-In 2016: the Arduino (2)- relay & switch control; 6-Digit Retro Nixie Clock (2); Spark Energy Meter (2); Modifying the Currawong; More details...


June 2016

Infrasound Snooper; Audio Signal Injector/ Tracer; Champion Preamp; PIC n MIX: introducing the PIC micro.; Teach-In 2016: the Arduino (5)- 1-Wire comms; More details...

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