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This page summarises a whole year's constructional projects, linking to individual month's pages showing updates or corrections, and photos of the projects and links to the source code and PCBs, where available.


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  • Details of Legacy projects from 1998 to 2006 are now online.


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January 2015

Tiny Tim Stereo Amplifier (Part 1); PortaPAL-D (Part 2); SiDRADIO - more modes; Raspberry Pi B+ review; Fritzing software review; Circuit Surgery - triacs. More details...


April 2015

Rubidium Frequency Standard; 10A 230V Universal Motor Speed Controller (Part 2); USB-RS232C Interface; Teach-In 2015 (Part 3); PIC n MIX larger LPLC display. More details...

February 2015

Teach-In 2015 (Part 1); Tiny Tim Stereo Amplifier (Part 2); PortaPAL-D (Part 3); Audio Delay for PA Systems; PIC n MIX - adding PWM; Circuit Surgery - stopper resistors; More details...


May 2015

Low-Cost Precision 10V Reference; Deluxe Fan Speed Controller for shaded pole motors; RGB LED strip controller; Teach-In 2015 (Part 4) : Noise & Distortion. More details...

March 2015

10A 230V Speed Controller; Stereo Echo & Reverb Unit; Teach-In 2015 (Part 2); Tiny Tim Stereo Amplifier (Part 3); Audio Out; Circuit Surgery - constant current sources; More details...

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